Феррари’с Badoer has second big crash in two days

Badoer has second big crash in two daysФеррари’с Luca Badoer escaped serious injury after crashing heavily for the second day in a row in testing in southern Spain on Thursday. A Феррари spokesman said the Italian test driver had been given the all-clear after checks at the Jerez circuit medical centre. «The car is damaged but the driver is okay, which is what is most important,» he said. «We are still investigating to see if there is any relationship with what happened yesterday. He had quite a crash on Wednesday.»

Badoer crashed at the same hairpin where he had previously wrecked his Феррари F2005. Reports said Thursday’с accident was similar, with the car launched into the эйр before hitting the tyre wall. Феррари continued testing with Spaniard Marc Gene.

Seven times world champion Mike Schumacher is due to end his holidays early and get back to work with Феррари in Jerez некст week and the spokesman said there were no plans for the German’с schedule to change.


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